We empower companies to strengthen their teams while giving back to their community.



    From A to Z we have your next Team Building event covered. Whether you select one of our pre-designed, yet customizable events or we work together to create something out-of-the-box and completely custom — we guarantee a dynamic, fun, and unforgettable Team Building event that will have participants talking for months to come. Connection, communication, collaboration, and community are at the center of everything we do.


    Our facilitators aren't your average communicators — they are the cream of the crop. They love people, have incredible personalities, and know how to lead the dynamics of a massive group, an intimate gathering, and anything in between. We've set the bar as high as it can be set to ensure every facilitator is top notch. From their appearance, to their experience, to their winning attitude, our speakers are the absolute best anywhere.


    There are a lot of charities out there — a lot. Although each one is making a powerful difference in their own unique way, we have vetted and hand selected only the top charities to partner with. This means you can have the confidence of knowing your charity donations will be going to organizations that are transparent and aligned with our values and yours.


    Excellence is in our blood. It's at the core of absolutely everything we do. Does it define us? You bet it does! We like to say the experience you will have with us will be very professional and, at the same time, highly relational — but most importantly, it will always be excellent. We cross our t's and dot our i's to ensure your EMPOWER experience will be an excellent experience!


    Everyone loves the word concierge and rightfully so. It invokes a feeling of being taken care of at the highest level. We put a very strong emphasis on customer service — so much so we call it concierge service. We believe the success of your event begins from our very first conversation. We also believe you deserve preferential treatment from start to finish and that's exactly what you'll get.