We are honored to work with countless companies across the nation in every space imaginable. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, municipalities, non-profits, and everything in between. We also have the privilege of partnering with the top charity organizations in the nation that are collectively making a significant social impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Below are just a few of the brags we've received!

  • "Empower Team Concepts excels in cultivating leaders, fashioning interactive encounters, and growing stellar teams. Combining their wisdom with service, they set up an organization for a big win! Be confident your people will grow stronger and love the experience! If you want to foster an environment that engages your team and serves the greater community, you will love them!"

    — G. Hawks

  • "Empower is absolutely fantastic and engaging! They are able to connect with every person in the room both on a personal and professional level. They excel in casting vision and motivating people."

    — C. Hill

  • "It is very unique when you find a company that understands how to engage the core of your business goals by keeping one thing at the top: inspiring good people to do great things. Empower Team Concepts has been a core pillar to our growth as an organization."

    —​ E. Barnett

  • "Empower is one of the most motivational and inspiring companies we know of. Your team, no matter how big or small, will be challenged, inspired and encouraged to be their best. If your team lacks vision, motivation, or you just want to invest in your companies staff then Empower is your answer!"

    —​ J. Harris

  • "Inspirational. Thought provoking. Motivational. Goal inspiring. These are just a few of the ways our staff described Empower after a recent corporate event. The humor and passion, along with the unique ability to tell stories, captivated the audience. The insight to leadership and teamwork were impactful. It was encouraging to see our staff visibly engaged by the authentic presentation. I would highly recommend Empower — 10 out of 10!"

    — S. Sorgea

  • "If you are looking for leadership growth for your organization initiated by a relational, engaging, and experienced company, Empower Team Concepts is your answer! I simply cannot recommend them enough. Book them today and you'll be glad you did."

    — Dr. B. Bradford

  • "The team at Empower Team Concepts are incredible at what they do! I am a business owner and a leader in the community and Empower will take your business and the way you think of business to the next level! I'm impressed by the pure heart of the organization, their willingness to invest time and energy, and focusing on companies to see them become all they can be. I can go on and on but please find all of this out for yourself!"

    — K. Hunt

  • "Empower understands the dynamics of leadership, relationships, and teams. Their program will have your team interacting, laughing, and jelling by the end of the day! Your organization needs this kind of out of the box experience to get back out there and take ground together"

    — E. Miles

  • "As a leader in an organization you have plenty of objectives to reach. One of our initiatives was to do a better job at facilitating fun and Empower Team Concepts did just that for us. We were able to connect thoughtfully and intentionally in ways we could not have done on our own. Afterwards, memories were created among different team members that have helped further relations with one another and, in turn, has built more trust in our organization."

    — M. Uvere